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When Shavewell Shower Mirrors found themselves with a supply of mirrors with a slight printing imperfection, they wanted to find a way to put them to good use. They reached out to St. Baldrick's offering to relabel the mirrors for use at our events. This generous donation will provide added support, providing a safe, SHATTERPROOF mirror for our shavees to get their first look of their freshly shorn 'do'.
-St. Baldricks Foundation, Corporate Champions


It costs $3.92 to sell a $10 item on Amazon and $2.72 on eBay, according to Bill Vogel of The Cumberland Companies, which sells on both. But eBay takes more time and most merchants store inventory themselves, adding other costs, he noted. feature “Analysis: Amazon’s Sellers"


19. Pin Some Time Aside For Pinterest...and Facebook...and...
We have dedicated significant resources of our start-up capital to our social media efforts. We have a 20 hour per week associate who works exclusively on our social media campaigns. Over time, we have learned to post Facebook content that will engage rather than bore. We have adopted Pinterest recently and have seen a wonderful response to the associative and relevant photos we post. We have engaged the blogger network and found a fantastic and willing group looking for mutually beneficial Thanks to Dinah Vogel of Tidy Tots disposable potty chair liners